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Prayer against Witchcraft Manipulation - Part 1 - by Dr D K Olukoya

Published on 12 Jan 2021 / In Christian Prayers

Prayer against Witchcraft Manipulation Part 1 by Dr D K Olukoya

Witchcraft is the greatest enemy of man. It is the manipulative power of the satanic kingdom. The spirit of witchcraft is an evil spirit assigned and empowered by Satan to manipulate the affairs of mankind. One of the aims of witchcraft is to make you repeat negative history of your family. Witchcrafts have caused lots of problems and tragedies in the lives of many. Many who are supposed to live and enjoy the benefits of life have been cut short and sent to the grave earlier than God’s original plan for them.

Whenever witches are operating, you will experience high level of poverty and disappointments, confusion, wandering, mysterious sicknesses, spiritual slumber, laziness, idleness, slothfulness, foolishness, setbacks, stagnancy, untimely death, misfortune, marital delays, separation, divorce, and all forms of wickedness.

When you pray the right prayer, you get the right answer. If there is a man to pray, there is a God to answer. Men that pray are men that decide their destinies. Violent and uncommon prayers produce uncommon results. When things look bleak and you don’t know what to do, cry unto God. He has never failed anyone before and He will never fail you.

You will have amazing testimonies In Jesus Name. Amen.

Stay Blessed in Jesus name.

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